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College and Career Readiness Program

Message from the Governor

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency is excited about offering our new College and Career Readiness Program to students that are housed in our juvenile in facilities. With so many changes in today’s society, it is essential that we prepare our all Pennsylvania students for life upon graduation from high school. Part of this preparation includes postsecondary and career planning. To ensure all students comprehend these fundamentals, so crucial to their future, The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency is implementing our new college and career programming into our school curriculum to guarantee we are providing our students a solid foundation for success. Through age-appropriate experiential learning, students will be exposed to basic concepts and skills that will help them understand the fundamentals of life and inspire them to succeed long into the future.


- Tom Wolf

Governor of Pennsylvania



About the PCCD College and Career Readiness Program


PCCD’s college and career readiness platform helps connect students, starting in Pre-K, to reach optimal academic achievement towards their college/post-secondary and career goals.  Our program is a comprehensive program that empowers students to connect lifelong learning to their future contributions to society.  It provides students with the knowledge they need to help them prepare for life after high school.


The PCCD College and Career Readiness program is a Pre-K - 12th grade platform for students that prepares them for life upon graduation from high school.


Course Offerings Include:


  • PreK – 5th Grade College and career readiness
  • 6th – 8th – Grade College and career readiness
  • 9th – 12th Grade College and career readiness
  • Four-year college readiness
  • Community college readiness
  • Career and technical education readiness
  • Military readiness
  • Employment readiness
  • Entrepreneur readiness
  • Grade level transitioning
  • Grade level mentoring




This program is a personal resource to the college and career process.  Through a series of weekly video modules, the program provides all the essential steps to find, enroll, and receive financial aid and support for the post-secondary process.  There are many post-secondary options to consider, and it is our goal to make that planning as stress-free as possible.  The program also provides all the information necessary to prepare for college while having a fulfilling middle and high school experience.


Classroom Teacher/School Counselors


The Classroom Teacher component of the program is designed to optimize time by providing students with an online college-readiness curriculum. Students are taught important post-secondary planning topics such as college admissions planning, financial aid, creating a post-secondary list, PSAT, SAT, ACT Aspire, and ACT testing, job preparation, financial literacy, character development, as well as the college application process to name a few.  By having a working understanding of those topics, students are more focused and informed on their post-secondary decisions.  The PCCD college and career readiness program also has monitoring tools to track the progress of the students, send them individual or group alerts, and generate reports to see at-a-glance how students are advancing in the program.  This program meets the requirements for the Academic and Career Student and Guidance Plans (Act 339). Students in grades 5th – 12th are provided this program, taught by classroom teachers during the school day and each student is provided an individualized postsecondary education and career plan.




In addition to classroom teachers, PCCD High School Science, English and Math teachers will also play an integral role in the success of this college and career readiness program by serving as mentors to the students.  The program portal contains mentor specific resources for educators, complete with features to support all the student’s accomplishments that will help them achieve their overall learning goals.


School Administrators


This program allows PCCD Administrators to oversee teacher and student progress through its reporting tools which is equipped with shareable data to monitor the program’s effectiveness for the students.

Program Curriculum by Topics


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